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Spectrum Financial Alliance Ltd., LLC

 We do things differently

At Spectrum Financial Alliance Ltd., LLC, your financial future, peace of mind, and trust are paramount. We do not take these things for granted. We have helped many people in and around Nicholasville with our wealth management and financial consulting services, and we consider our clients to be an extension of our family; and family comes first! The golden rule is the guiding principle of our firm.  You have worked hard to secure your financial future and deserve the best through personalized relationships where your interests come before our own; this is not typical of our industry. Other financial service firms, including stock brokers, do not solely operate as a fiduciary. We do! Other wealth management firms in the Nicholasville area, including stock brokers, are not always required to put their clients’ interests first. We are! We treat our clients the way we’d want to be treated! We want to help you achieve your financial goals and build a solid financial future using our proactive investment approach. With an equity-focused and active management style, we do not wait to react to market trends. We anticipate and seek to exploit market inefficiencies. Let us provide you with a complete apples-to-apples comparison of our work & results compared to your current portfolio and its past returns. Contact a representative at our experienced Nicholasville wealth management firm today for a free consultation at 859-223-6333 or

Nicholasville Wealth Management Company & Financial Consultants
“For nearly 30 years, I’ve had the privilege of helping clients build financial security, grow their assets, provide for their children’s education, and secure their retirement income. Our process involves carefully analyzing each client’s individual circumstances, designing a portfolio that ‘fits’ their goals and objectives, monitoring and managing client assets in all market environments, and adhering to our firm’s guiding principle – The Golden Rule. We intend to delight our clients in helping manage their financial assets and providing real solutions that make a positive difference in each person’s life.”

-C. Kelly Buckley, MBA, CFP®

Founder of Spectrum Financial Alliance Ltd., L.L.C.
Managing Principal, Managing Director for Asset Management