Markets have recently fretted over a variety of concerns such as the COVID-19 D variant, Chinese regulator crackdown, inflation, etc. Our firm strongly believes that those concerns are extremely overblown at this point. We have closely tracked the progress of the D variant, and as we’ve stated in past posts, it is ALL BUT DONE! This is clearly reflected in both CDC and John Hopkins COVID-19 data tracker (see our most recent COVID-19 D variant post here: As COVID-19 evaporates with a clear herd immunity achieved, we will likely see a sharp turnaround for cyclical assets, like those in your SFA portfolio, and much higher bond yields, which will hurt bond investors. In the near term, we are extremely optimistic about this projection, and in the intermediate and long-term believe that this year’s returns will fall in a 20-30% annual range.

Folks, your SFA portfolio is uniquely, and appropriately, positioned for our current economic environment. We see this specific time as a strong buying opportunity and recommend you add to your holdings if possible. WE ARE LIKELY IN A STRONG BUYER’S MARKET! Please give us a call at (859) 223-6333 if you have any questions. ONWARD AND UPWARD!

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