Many clients have called, emailed, or texted me recently concerning my thoughts on political and military events in Afghanistan. Because this topic is heavy on people’s minds and hearts, I feel it’s necessary to address it directly. I want to start by saying that leaving Afghanistan was clearly the bipartisan desire of our country. It’s obvious that we stayed far past our welcome, and past the time when we had eradicated the theocratic threat that existed there – through the forces of the Taliban. Now, the manner in which we chose to leave appears to me, thankfully, to also being viewed in a bipartisan manner. Any time you withdraw from a military conflict, you do so by getting civilians out first, then your equipment, and your troops last. For unknown reasons, this did not occur in Afghanistan.

So now we’re in the midst of a human catastrophe and a foreign policy blunder that rivals the worst foreign policy failures in the history of our nation. But I’m not worried about how history will regard this obvious error; I’m worried about the lives of Americans, and our Afghan allies, that are being sacrificed and left behind.


Events in Afghanistan do not affect your account values, folks. If it has any effect, it will likely be positive. This is because we spent trillions of your tax dollars in Afghanistan, while more importantly, leaving the blood, limbs, and parts of our children’s souls on those distant sands. Many of our nation’s veterans are understandably grieving right now. They lost friends they loved, and parts of themselves, in a conflict that our nation has chosen to leave in a despicable fashion. But, our withdrawal is clearly an economic, and investment, positive event!


Today, what I would like to ask all of you to do is to pray for our Lord’s intervention in the extraction of Americans from this dark nation. I would like to ask you to pray that every Afghan ally of American forces can find a way to be free of the tyranny that has fallen upon Afghanistan. Pray for their physical freedom, and for the nation of Afghanistan’s spiritual freedom. If our great nation had the political will, even after the grievous error of how we have withdrawn, we could get all of our people out in a few days. Failing that political will, now only divine intervention can help these terrorized and frightened children, women, and men, who are being left behind enemy lines.

None of what is expressed here represents a political indictment of either party, but if I were going to express an indictment, I would indict both. Both parties chose to put our young soldiers into a decades-long nation-building exercise, which has never worked throughout the history of our great nation. You can’t change any nation’s centuries-long culture. This is a lesson I learned at a very young age through my military history studies at the Air Force Academy. And yet, we still see our military leaders, and politicians, making the same inane mistakes – led by corrupt politicians who either simply don’t understand this simple historical fact, or are profiting in some manner from the attempt to nation-build. God Bless the people of Afghanistan, and God Bless the United States of America.

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