It is NEVER too late!! Year to date, OUR AVERAGE CLIENT ACCOUNTS HAVE APPRECIATED 15.32%* compared to Dow Jones of 11.28%, as of April 29th, 2021!!

In our October 28th, 2020 video, posted to all social media, we stated that “We are expecting an extremely strong year-end market rally, especially in our portfolios. Your Spectrum Financial Alliance portfolios are uniquely designed to participate in this expected growth, regardless of who wins the presidency (” From November 1st, 2020, to December 31st, 2020, our clients’ accounts have appreciated 31.74%* compared to Dow Jones of only 15.49%!

In many of our social media posts and Facebook live sessions, we also stated our belief that there should be a 20 to 30% upside move in 2021! This move also appears to be on track! For example, in the first four months of 2021, we have already seen our clients’ accounts appreciate 15.32%*, net of cost.

In our December 31st, 2020 year-end wrap-up video, posted to all social media, we stated that in 2021, “We project above average Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth, continued job growth, and higher than normal investment returns (” This has also been correct! For example:

  • Thursday’s GDP report for the first quarter showed growth shooting up at a 6.4% annualized rate in Q1 of 2021!
  • Data out of the team at Refinitiv, published Thursday, showed that corporate earnings are also beating analyst expectations at a record rate:
    • 86.8% of S&P 500 companies are reporting results beating Wall Street forecasts by an average of 23.5%! We believe this trend will continue!
  • Personal incomes are also rising:
    • Today, the US Labor Department said its Employment Cost Index, the broadest measure of labor costs, jumped 0.9% in the first quarter. Good news for workers!

It is never too late to invest! We believe there is much more positive movement to come, and we believe our projection of a 20-30% upside move in 2021 will likely be raised higher this year! Onward and upward!


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