Re-emerging government-inspired COVID-19 closure fears have caused, what we strongly believe, will be only very SHORT-TERM investment portfolio settling. The graphs in the image below show that while COVID-19 cases are strongly trending up (due to the new D variant and increased testing), CDC statistics reveal that hospital admissions, ICU usage, respirator usage, and deaths are only marginally higher! DE-LINKING!

his is an obvious consequence of nearly 90% of the vulnerable (people ages 65 or older) having received at least one dose of vaccine and nearly 80% being fully vaccinated. We are already seeing a significant decline in COVID-19 deaths (as shown in “cases vs. deaths” graph above). It is clear that the virulence of the D variant is much lower – deaths aren’t moving linearly with cases! CDC statistics show the D variant, while more transmissible, poses absolutely no serious illness threat to those who have already been vaccinated (so-called “breakthrough” cases). Evidence shows the D variant is definitely significantly less deadly – especially to those who are fully vaccinated. One study at Public Health England looked at 92,000 people and found that if you were vaccinated and under 50, there were no deaths, and if you were unvaccinated and under 50, the death rate was .08%! Please note Senator/Dr. Rand Paul’s comments about COVID-19 here:


The COVID-19 fear game can only be played for so long. We should NOT be imposing any mandates. Very shortly, we believe, the American people will recognize that CDC data does NOT support mask mandates (especially for our children) and hence our opinion that our citizens will NOT acquiesce to seeing our businesses, economy, and schools shut down again. While short-term negative price movements in your securities will occur, we firmly do not believe the D variant of COVID-19 will negatively impact your investments – in the intermediate or long-term. Nor do we believe the CDC’s revised mask policy will result in ANY significant interruption in business, transportation, or the reopening of schools. CDC studies we have analyzed suggest that the D variant problem will likely peak in approximately one to three weeks! COVID-19 is facing a herd immunity problem it cannot overcome! Fear-based CDC pronouncements have been proven wrong time after time! Fear defeats reason, creates turmoil, and confuses the issues! BUT ULTIMATELY, FEAR FAILS!

WE SEE THIS MOMENT AS A STRONG BUYING OPPORTUNITY, AND WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT! Our firm believes that the best buying opportunities are presented during the highest levels of market fear! The passage of the impending U.S. infrastructure stimulus plan, and the ending of extended unemployment benefits, are synergistic events that will likely create a significant upside move in our SFA portfolios – and in our economy. We have stated in many of our social media communications, that our firm firmly projects 2021 returns – in our portfolios – to be likely in the 20-30% range. As an update, we still believe this projection will be accurate! So, don’t let the fears, politics, or the media get in the way of your progress financially. God Bless all of you, and God Bless the United States of America.


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