History and Peace Were Made Today!










History and Peace were made today!

President Trump and his team have made history in a very short period of time with the concurrence and agreement made with North Korea to completely denuclearize the Korean Peninsula. After billions of tax dollars were paid by previous US presidents to North Korea for not developing nukes (which propped up a cruel despotic regime) we literally pledged nothing (other than saving money on joint war exercises with South Korea) to gain this agreement. Things went much faster than predicted pretty much like everything has gone in a faster, and better, way since the election of our president.


Our nation’s electorate, despite the opinions of politicians from both parties, is generally very wise. They decided to elect a sometimes-rude disrupter who refuses to allow the continued devolution of our country in the name of maintaining the political status quo. So many presidential administrations in prior years were committed to maintaining that status quo – even though that commitment meant the sacrifice of American lives and treasure and the continued murder of tens of thousands of people within the dark country of North Korea.


We expected this result and have talked about it in prior communications with you. Now, we expect the administration to button up the agreement tight and ensure its promise is fulfilled.  This will allow our country to bring back some of our forward based troops in South Korea which, of course, means some reduction in our nation’s deficit spending. Wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t need to have American troops guarding tenuous borders far from home? I think so.

Soon we’ll likely see the inevitable pivot of our nation’s sanctions capability and military pressure from North Korea to the rogue regime of Iran. Iran’s evil intentions have been clearly stated by all of their leadership from their Ayatollah to their president. They publicly state their desire to destroy not only Israel and America completely, but that their end game is the destruction of civilization, and the death of anyone who does not agree with their perverted ideology.


This pivot to dealing with the Iranian problem will also be resolved in a much faster way than most anticipate. This president doesn’t work on Washington’s clock, he works on the peoples’ clock. He is not a status quo politician who receives great monetary benefit from maintaining a corrupt political system that expands federal government power while always reducing personal liberty and freedom. Inevitably, the result of peace on the Korean Peninsula will be a more productive use of our nation’s assets and faster growth of not only our economy, but other economies – raising standards of living for everyone and lifting the value of your equity investments.


The same will be true as we now gain even more momentum with our pivot to dealing with the problem of Iranian hooliganism and their perverse support of terrorist groups all over the globe. As Iran is confronted (like we did with ISIS last year) we will see another positive impact in our domestic economy and the international economy. While all that’s developing, our economy is just barely starting to reflect the tremendous tax cut that just occurred a short 5 ½ months ago. It takes a minimum of six months to see those type of tax policy changes impact your holdings, our citizens’ jobs, wages, and economic futures.


As in any endeavor, success breeds success, and the success in North Korea, the success in appointing judges at a faster rate than in any time in history that will adhere to our Constitution and not try to contrive law from the bench, and the ongoing elimination of unnecessary and overburdensome regulation at the expense of our economy’s growth and middle wage jobs and income should lead to significant further increases in the value of your assets. Folks, of this you can be certain. The freer a nation is, the more dynamic its growth economically. Every study of economic history reveals this simple fact.


Our nation is shedding the shackles of bureaucratic excess, overly central government control at the expense of our liberty and freedom, and political cabals that exist to enrich the elite politicians of both political parties. Government is going to return to its stated purposes and every American should benefit! It is my opinion that we are getting ready to see another strong surge that will take the equity markets much higher by the end of this year. Position now!  If you have money on the sidelines earning nothing, or money in bonds (which will experience long-term declines in value as interest rates inevitably go up in the business expansion) please considering investing now. If you have friends or family that are similarly in those problematic positions, consider introducing Spectrum and we will contact them, or email them, as you prefer, providing our standard introductory information, showing clearly our firm’s returns over time, and the numerous advantages to working with Spectrum Financial Alliance. We can make a positive difference in their lives!


We are on a mission and our goal is very important! Our firm’s mission is to expand our reach to many more people who have not had the advantage of working with a fiduciary money manager that strives diligently to attain their goals. This mission exists because we want to make a positive difference in all our clients’ lives. We are focused on that as a business – and nothing else! We will continue to do our work in a thoughtful, methodical, and honorable way that puts our clients in the best position to win over time.

I personally, and our firm, have never had our eyes more on the ball of your financial future. I have several big announcements that I will be making in the next few weeks about this mission and some key additions to our firm to put us in a position to better accomplish our work for you. Thank you for your time and for your partnership with our firm. It means the world to me and to all of us.


Warmest Regards,

Kelly Buckley, MBA, CFP®

Managing Principal

Managing Director for Asset Management