On Monday, September 21, in a social media post we stated that, due to a series of impending economic events, SFA clients could expect significant volatility this week. We also stated that SFA portfolio(s) were poised for VERY significant growth – both intermediate and long-term (see that post here: https://bit.ly/39qXDjO). So did your selected money manager seize the opportunity, or did we fear making a mistake?

Folks, where cash was available, we seized this evident buying opportunity! As a result, OUR AVERAGE CLIENT ACCOUNT HAS APPRECIATED 4.71%* as of 1:55 PM Thursday, NET OF ALL COST, compared to the Dow Jones return of 2.64% (data as of 9/21/2021-9/23/2021)!


The lesson here is that when our markets are in decline, but earnings and economic data are strong and growing in an inflationary environment, temporary market declines generally create buying opportunities! Those buying opportunities should be exploited – especially when upcoming external events are likely to positively move markets. Positive external events are occurring now! With the Federal Reserve’s announcement, yesterday, extending monetary stimulus, the likely passage soon of the real infrastructure bill by congress, and the failure of the bloated reconciliation bill totaling a horrific $3.5-5.5 trillion (a true job and growth killer!).

We believe your SFA portfolios are poised for very significant intermediate and long-term growth! SFA is ALWAYS about protecting and growing your wealth! Ignore the short-term and focus on what is to come! Onward and upward!

*Full listing of all disclosures (bit.ly/3lGX3mM)