Cryptocurrencies – the hot topic of the investing world these days. But the big question is, should you invest in cryptocurrency?

Despite what celebrities like Bill Gates, Mark Cuban, Guy Fieri, Elon Musk, and other celebrities tell you (see some of their quotes here: & – buying cryptocurrency IS NOT a safe choice for your investing future!!

We stated in two recent social media posts, that if you were currently invested in cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, to “GET OUT NOW!” We stated this because we believe they “LITERALLY HAVE NO INTRINSIC VALUE,” and that they commonly involve taking very high risks with your invested money (see these posts here:

So, what has happened to Bitcoin values since our two recent posts? From May 10th, 2021, to today at 10:59am, Bitcoin has plunged from $59,304.61 to $34,923.80 – AN APPROXIMATE DECLINE OF 41%!

 Here are more reasons why you should STRONGLY consider selling out of cryptos:

  • Cryptocurrencies are not controlled or regulated.
  • Cryptocurrencies are mainly used by those who are looking for anonymity, as cryptocurrencies are predominately used by Dark Web criminals performing illegal transactions.
  • Cryptocurrency makes fraud easier. If someone wanted to commit a crime without being tracked, cryptocurrency is going to call their name.
  • Cryptocurrency has lots of unknowns.
  • The value of cryptocurrencies goes through extreme ups and downs daily, which could result in significant losses.

Don’t risk your financial future, your retirement dreams, and your family’s security by gambling with cryptocurrencies. Instead, sit down with a Spectrum Financial Alliance who can genuinely help you achieve your retirement/financial goals and become a successful investor. Let us walk you through a solid strategy for investing, personalized just for you. Give us a call today at 859-223-6333 to schedule your FREE consultation!

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