As you may be aware, a lot happened yesterday in the news. We believe that the market’s negative reaction was clearly caused by the fear that Trump will not complete his agenda. Due to today’s technological advances, information is moving much faster and is more easily accessible. This means that because of rapid economic shifts and faster news cycles, we really need to be able to communicate with you more instantaneously, so we can provide you appropriate investment and economic history perspective. For example, just this morning we released a very important announcement via email and social media regarding yesterday’s market movement. That announcement is shown below:

Add money now!! Yesterday’s market movement was very likely only a very politically tinged, nonsensical down day for the market. We believe that only a small technical adjustment occurred, and that nothing fundamental changed, therefore this day does not change our positive financial outlook! On the contrary, if you want to accelerate your gains, and have additional capital, you need to deposit it to be invested right now!

Ebbs & flows of the market, like we saw yesterday, may seem emotionally hard to go through at the time, but there is a commonality that cannot be overstated, and that commonality is that those who remained invested harvested excellent returns long-term.

Everybody talks about buying low and selling high, but who actually does it?  Too many investors buy high and sell low.  They wait for the market to go up before getting in, and wait for market contractions to sell. Right now is your opportunity to buy low!!  Take advantage of these highly-discounted prices by adding any excess cash you have. Send additional funds to us so we can invest this week!  Don’t hesitate, if you have cash, invest now! I am confident you’ll be glad you did.

Stop the worry and connect with us today! If we can instantly reach out to you and give you our economic and historical prospective during troubled times, you will not be losing sleep at night about how your portfolios might have been affected, if at all. Additionally, we have a lot of clients who prefer email as a method of contact, however they don’t check their emails regularly. Therefore, whichever method of contact you prefer, please still be sure to check emails and our social media posts for updates daily, so we can keep you informed in a timely fashion. Please take a moment to connect with us on our social media pages, if you want to have insight on our latest and greatest thoughts! Here you will have immediate access to information on economic events and our investment work as it affects your portfolio! 

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 Warmest Regards,

Kelly Buckley, MBA, CFP®
Managing Principal
Managing Director for Asset Management