April 9, 2020

I want all of our client’s, friends, and family to know that Spectrum Financial Alliance Ltd., LLC has participated in the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and received notification of our approval under that program within 2 ½ working days of submitting a very short and easy to fill out 2-page application.

So if you are an employer (of any type) or a contractor, or a sole proprietor, you are eligible for a forgivable loan from the federal government for up to 2 ½ months of all of your employees’ salaries (assuming you have less than 500 employees). There is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON for any company to lay its employees off with this support. Moreover, after that 2 ½ months has passed, we believe strongly that this pandemic will have mostly passed as well. Please keep your employees supported and paid. If you’ve already laid people off, call them back. If you need help with your application, whether you’re a client of our firm or not, we have the personnel and the resources to help you with this application.

In a capitalist economy like America’s our workers, employees, colleagues are the life blood of our business. Applying for PPP is not difficult, and our firm can hook you up with not only appropriate help on the application for PPP, but with bankers who can help you get it done quick. Please give us a call at (859) 223-6333 and let us help you get started. Warmest regards,

C. Kelly Buckley, MBA, CFP®

Managing Principal

Managing Director for Asset Management